Environmental and Social Sustainability Capacity Building for African Countries
Project Type
Capacity Building
Implementing Partners
African Development Bank
Total Financing
USD 2,415,000
  • Environmental and Social Frameworks
  • Risk Management
Project Description

The MCDF grant will enhance capacity for environmental and social (E&S) safeguards in African Development Bank (AfDB) member countries in the context of AfDB’s updated Integrated Safeguards System (ISS).

The activities to be financed by the grant will include regional and country-level E&S training, technical support for E&S policy framework implementation, and an African environmental, social, and governance (ESG) information hub to boost access to performance data and attract ESG finance.

Alignment with MCDF Core Values

The MCDF grant will enhance understanding and application of AfDB’s updated ISS through specialized technical assistance to key stakeholders, such as regulatory agencies, public and private sector entities, E&S practitioners, and ESG finance operators.