Africa Transport Forum Project
Project Type
Information and Knowledge Sharing
Implementing Partners
African Development Bank
Financing Type
Total Financing
  • Transport
Project Description

The MCDF grant will enhance transport system information sharing and capacity building on the continent through support for the Africa Transport Forum (ATF) 2024, organized by the African Development Bank (AfDB). The focus will be on keys to accelerating the resilient development of Africa’s aviation, port, and railway sectors, including the investment climate, private sector finance, trade facilitation, regional integration, and related policy and technology options.

The activities to be financed by the grant will include information sharing dialogues, capacity building, and project funding and identification discussions.

Alignment with MCDF Core Values

The thematic focus of ATF 2024 covers imperatives for enhancing transport connectivity across countries in Africa. The dialogue and exchange of information, experiences, and best practices among participants will help to turn early-stage project concepts into concrete cross-border connectivity projects on the ground.