Indonesia Batam-Bintan Bridge Project
Project Type
Project Preparation
Implementing Partners
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Financing Type
Total Financing
Project Description

The project will facilitate active collaboration between the Government of Indonesia and AIIB in undertaking high-quality project preparation, particularly related to environmental and social (ES) safeguards, to help improve the performance and success of AIIB’s potential underlying investment (Batam Bintan Bridge Project). Information on the underlying AIIB investment is available here. The activities to be financed by the MCDF grant will include additional work needed to bring the local Environmental Impact Assessment and land acquisition plan in compliance with IFI standards as expressed by AIIB’s Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) requirements.

Alignment with MCDF Core Values

The MCDF grant will support high-quality project preparation to meet IFI standards. The project also aligns with MCDF’s objectives of promoting cross-border connectivity given that the underlying investment aims to improve regional connectivity in the west of Indonesia by constructing a segment of the Batam-Bintan inter-island bridge.