Antarctic Submarine Cable
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Project Preparation
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Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean
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Project Description

International researchers in Antarctica currently rely on satellite connectivity, which is vulnerable to extreme weather and suffers from limited bandwidth. The MCDF grant will finance a feasibility study of a submarine fiber optic cable that would provide digital connectivity to Antarctica from a landing station in Chile. The underlying investment aims to deploy the submarine cable, Antarctica’s first, enabling high-capacity and reliable communications that promote scientific discovery, broader international collaboration, and the safety and well-being of people working in the continent’s extreme environment.

The feasibility study will cover technical, legal, economic, financial, environmental, social, governance, and geopolitical issues, providing insights on the most appropriate project implementation model.

Alignment with MCDF Core Values

The underlying investment has strong connectivity, climate resilience, and biodiversity features. The feasibility study financed by the MCDF grant is essential for risk mitigation and identification of potential financing vehicles.