High-Performance Computing Centers in Latin America and the Caribbean
Project Type
Project Preparation
Implementing Partners
Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean
Financing Type
Total Financing
Project Description

The MCDF grant will support project preparation related to the creation of a network of High-Performance Computing (HPC) centers for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Latin America and the Caribbean, starting with two countries – Chile and the Dominican Republic. The underlying investment aims to enhance the research, development, and application capabilities of AI solutions by establishing a regional network of HPC centers. This will allow the processing of advanced AI models to help solve complex public problems around security, mobility, health, agriculture and food processing, and climate change and the environment, ultimately improving quality of life and advancing digital transformation in the region.

The activities to be financed by the grant will include supply and demand analysis for HPC; a diagnostic assessment and roadmap for constructing HPC centers in Chile and the Dominican Republic; and an investment proposal based on technical, operational, legal, environmental, social, governance, and institutional assessments.

Alignment with MCDF Core Values

The MCDF grant will finance high-quality project preparation that will help improve regional digital connectivity. The best practices and lessons learned will pave the way for similar investments across Latin America and the Caribbean to host HPC centers and deploy connectivity networks.