Pilot City Airport Project Concept Development
Project Type
Project Preparation
Latin America and the Caribbean
Implementing Partners
Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean
Financing Type
Total Financing
Project Description

The Pre-Concept Support grant will help the Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean (CAF) develop bankable, high-quality projects in the airport sector. The project will assess the dynamics and linkages between airport cities and regional integration and development. It will also support CAF’s air transport sector lending strategy and build CAF’s and stakeholders’ capacity to jointly identify and screen pilot connectivity projects.

The activities to be financed by the grant will include data gathering on city airport dynamics and features; management approaches; investment requirements; operational issues; and financial, economic, and social safeguard considerations.

Alignment with MCDF Core Values

The MCDF grant will contribute to improved strategic planning with respect to airport cities, the identification of appropriate co-financing partners, and the identification and screening of pilot connectivity projects.